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910 N. Overlook Dr.
Alexandria, VA 22305
Voice: 703-626-0798
Fax: 703-548-5015

Position Description / Responsibilities:

Deliver advanced consulting and business development expertise for leading health care organizations.

Company / Organization Profile


Background on "Best Thinking" - eHealthcare is pioneering Best Thinking tm to leapfrog the known and unknown competitive players and forces for client partners. Our approach blends the best of proven models of business development with extensive knowledge and experience in new technology business. We achieve practical yet customer leading strategies that support achievement of key business and mission goals. Best Thinking tm process involves close examination of current, emerging and likely health behavior patterns of consumers, patients and professionals and integration with projected rate of new media adoption by targeted customers. Best Thinking tm results in "how to" tactics that have a higher likelihood for success. The Best Thinking tm methodology synthesizes knowledge, experience, analysis, disruptive innovation, creativity, appropriate technology and judgment to create compelling solutions.

Best Thinking tm strategies, tactics and applications support short term 2000-2002 strategic growth plans, while strengthening the foundation for the leadership long term. The application of appropriate technology requires inventive Best Thinking tm approaches to overall portfolio strategy and e-services development. It combines the power of the visual element of the Balanced Scorecard with the process power of Hoshin planning, but delivers it in beautifully simple elegant process supported by digital collaboration tools! Our quest is to act sooner and smarter, while expanding existing customer relationships.

Serving... Health Systems, Pharmaceutical Companies, Physician Organizations and Emerging Growth Companies...Best

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Washington, DC

Products / Services:

Best Thinking tm
Energizing Exceptional Performance
Consulting Services

Strategy and Education
4D Healthcare - Digital Technology, DNA Science, D-Factor (leadership and energy) and Doing Self Care by Patients
eHealthcare - Content, Commerce, Connectivity, Community and Care
Emerging Technology
Marketing for Growth

Product and eBusiness Application Development
Consumer/Patient Services and Virtual Communities Development
Multi-media, Phone, Web and Internet
Professional Connectivity e-Services
vCustomer Relationship Management
Technology Assessment and Internet Security Analysis

Business Development
Process E-gineering
Strategic Alliances

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